Common Service

Finance Section

Head: Sreten Čečar

Finance Sector prepares proposals for the provision of funds for the work of the Parliamentary Assembly, proposals of financial plan and periodical financial statement as well as final annual financial statement; controls documents for payment and their accuracy according to the financial plan of the Parliamentary Assembly; analyzes trends in the costs for personal and material expenditures and other funds by the financial plan and prepares reports on the execution and the movement of these assets; coordinates, prepares and monitors the agreements and related documents for foreign investment; monitors the dynamic plan of the execution of Parliamentary Assembly budget; performs work and tasks in the field of finance and accounting areas; prepares reports on the financial execution of the budget of the Parliamentary Assembly and the annual operations of the Parliamentary Assembly; monitors bookkeeping records as a whole and their accuracy; directly monitors financial performance and keeps financial bookkeeping - bookkeeping records of changes in assets and sources of funds, revenues and expenditures of the external relations of the body; creates payment orders, submits payment orders for realization at payment operations body; performs salary calculation, MPs flat rate and creates orders for payment; creates supporting documents – salary sheet, orders to payment operations for settling commitments for wages and MPs' flat rates, specifications and other required documents as well as statistics reports, reports on compulsory insurance of employees in case of injury at work or professional illness and pension and disability insurance; calculates and processes the orders for payment of compensation of employees and members of the Parliamentary Assembly, the costs of staff, expenditures from operations with third private individuals, and prepares all the necessary documentation;  creates payment orders for personal payments and submits them to the treasury for realization,  keeps bookkeeping records on these payments; keeps material accounting of all assets of the Parliamentary Assembly, fixed assets, small inventory and supplies and monitors movement of such assets; conducts liquidation of material expenditures by the financial plan of the Parliamentary Assembly; performs work and tasks within the scope of treasury operations; keeps treasury diary, prepares treasury statements and keeps records on treasury operations; keep records of received and purchased presents of the Parliamentary Assembly; organizes activities of public procurement in accordance with BiH Law on Public Procurement; Sector is responsible for the legal implementation of public procurement procedures; prepares a procurement plan for the budget year; prepares statement to the contracting authority on the objection of bidders, prepares statement and submits documentation to the second instance authority regarding the appeal of bidders; keeps and provides access to all documentation relating to the public procurement to the Audit Office of BiH, performs other duties in accordance with the law and other acts of the Parliamentary Assembly.