Common Service

Research Section

Head: Sena Uzunović


Research Section Responsibilities preparing background materials on subjects/laws to be discussed during the session (brief reports/ comparative experiences) - Preparing reports on subjects/laws (conducting analytical reports, comprehensive analyses and studies) - Preparing analyses (law, economic and budget analyses, impact on environment, etc) - Monitoring the social and economic situation (basic economic data, economic, monetary and social indicators) - Providing opinions about the social consequences of law implementation - Preparing professional opinions (opinions by external experts) as requested by the Parliamentary Assembly - Providing a selection of periodicals of European Union laws, as requested by user - Providing expert material to committees, according to the content and context of proposed draft laws and other acts, including professional co-operation during the control of, and investigation of, activities by the committees - Maintaining objectivity while obtaining opinions from public institutions, associations, organizations, etc, that are necessary for the assessment of proposed acts considered in the Houses or committees - Preparing materials and introductory instructions and information about the performance of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH at the beginning of the new mandate - Analyzing and processing information related to the activities of the EU, Council of Europe, NATO, OSCE, OECD and other international organizations with regards to the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH - Providing expert analyses and information about the performance of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, legislation of BiH, and other economic, social and political issues of BiH, as requested by international organizations, national parliaments and other institutions - Co-ordinating and corresponding regularly with related services in the country and abroad - Performing other tasks as stipulated by the acts of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH