About Secretariat

The Secretariat provides professional, administrative-technical, finance-related, information-related, consultancy and other services to the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in particular, the services of: preparation, convention and monitoring of sessions of the Houses and committees; review of draft legislation submitted to the Parliamentary Assembly in terms of their harmonization with the Constitution and the legal system of Bosnia and Herzegovina; giving professional opinions on materials and documents required by the Parliamentary Assembly; monitoring of implementation of and initiation of the process of making amendments to the Rules of Procedures of the Houses; preparation of the programme of activities of both Houses of the Parliamentary Assembly and plans of operations of the committees and monitoring of their implementation; preparing, drafting, translating and proof reading of texts of the draft laws and the proposals of acts, reports and minutes as well as other materials written in official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina and, if necessary, into foreign languages; preparation of adopted legislation for its publication in the "Official Gazette of BiH"; provision of professional and protocol-related services required by parliamentary delegations or required for reception of foreign delegations; monitoring and implementation of activities delegated to the Secretariat in line with the provisions stipulated in the acts of the Houses and committees; public relations and informing the public on the work of the Parliamentary Assembly and publication of complete minutes of debates in both Houses; cooperation with institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as cooperation with entity and other bodies; and provision of other professional-technical, administrative and other general services to the Parliamentary Assembly.

Activities and tasks of the Secretariat are performed within the following services:

  • Expert Service of the House of Representatives;
  • Expert Service of the House of Peoples;
  • Common Service.

The following organisational units are established within services:

  • Cabinets;
  • Offices;
  • Sections.

Work of the Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH is managed by the Collegium of the Secretariat consisting of the Secretary of the House of Representatives, Secretary of the House of Peoples and the Secretary of the Common Service.