History of Parliamentarism in BiH

Ancient Period

Throughout the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina there have been a number of representative bodies of national importance, which differed based on whether Bosnia was a medieval country, had a province/state status as part of larger countries, or enjoyed full autonomy and independence.

(Monographs of the "Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the 2010 edition.)

Ancient Period

Certain evidence indicates that the institution of assembly existed among the Illyrian tribes within this territory, and which reached decisions on the most important issues for the entire community. One specific example refers to the tribe of the Daesitiates and was revealed through an analysis of evidence compiled by the Roman historian Dion during the trial against Bato of Breuc at the time of Bato’s uprising in the first decade A.D. Dion’s evidence stated that Bato of the Daesitiates surrendered to Bato of Breuc and to the assembled military to try him and render a verdict, providing a significant indicator allowing us to indirectly determine the foundations of the internal system of the Daesitiates’social and political organization. The assembled military constituted a specific institution of the assembly, which in this particular case acted as the supreme sovereign and judicial body before which even high-ranking political officials were tried.