House of Peoples

Vital national interest

Protection of the vital national Interest

A proposed decision of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH in the House of Peoples can be declared destructive to the vital national interest of the Bosniak, Croat, or Serb people by a majority votes from the Bosniak, Croat or Serb delegates. Such a proposed decision has to be approved by the House of Peoples by a majority of Bosniak, Croat, and Serb delegates who are present and voting.

In case the majority of Bosniak, Croat or Serb delegates object to an invocation of the vital national interest, the Speaker of the House of Peoples will immediately convene a Joint Commission consisting of three delegates, each elected among Bosniak, Croat, and Serb delegates, in order to resolve the issue. If the Commission fails to resolve the issue within five days, the case will be transferred to the BiH Constitutional Court which will review the procedural correctness of the matter, under emergency procedure.