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According to the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina and to the Rules of Procedures, the work of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH is open to the public, therefore the PA BiH is obliged to make its decisions available to general public. Thereby is determined the relation of the highest legislative body of Bosnia and Herzegovina toward media and parliamentary reporters, and the access of information have been continuously facilitating as well as its final placing to users.


Accreditation of journalists

Public Relation Sector is in charge for the accreditation of parliamentary reporters, and the requirements for accreditation are submitted via e-mail to [email protected]. Thereat, the principle of media accreditation is respected, so reporters for the entering in the building of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH and monitoring some of the upcoming events, need only a valid press card of the accredited redaction he/she works for.

Division for Internal Security of Services for Common affairs of the Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina makes registration of journalists at the entrance of the building, the X-ray inspection of their equipment (cameras, devices for sound recording, lighting, cables and other equipment), and the issuance of temporary pass card with the tag  "PRESS".


The process of reporting

Public Relation Sector regularly distributes a weekly review of activities in the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, according to which reporters can plan their work. This review is delivered to journalists via e- mail, and it is also available on the official website of the BiH PA, as well as on the bulletin boards in the premises of the PA BiH. Sessions of working bodies of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH are open to the public, except in cases when on the agenda are themes marked as secret, or when there is discussion on protected personal rights of citizens. Those sessions are particularly marked in announcements distributes by Public Relation Sector. In rare situations, the chairman of the working body is entitled, alone or in consultation with colleagues, to decide to close session for the public, prior to its start.


Cameramen work

Till transition to a system of internal television and beginning of monitoring parliamentary activities with fixed cameras, the cameramen are obliged to follow the instructions of the security services on movement and positioning the cameras in halls in a way that does not disturb a normal work and communication of participants of sessions and meetings. It is also expected from cameramen and photographers to respect the security officers’ instructions for the time scheduled for recording, if that time is limited.

Announcement form for reporters / news crew


Press room

The press room as a space, which is at the service primarily of journalist/reporters about activities in this legislative body, is established in the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, with the aim of creating better working conditions of reporters.

The press room is open from 9 am to 5 pm. However, during the plenary sessions of both Houses of PA, as well as sessions of working bodies/committees of PA BiH, working time is extended depends on duration of sessions. The press room is closed at least 60 minutes after the end of sessions.

The room is equipped with a number of desktop computers, and for quality work is provided Wi-Fi signal for mobile electronic devices.


Room for press conference

Specially equipped for press conference is a hall at the second floor of the PA’s building and it is dedicated to official’s direct address to the press. The hall is equipped with appropriate speakers, microphones and sound system for the distribution of audio signals. It has 50 seats for guests and for the journalists.


Room for ad hoc statements

At the 2nd and 4th floor of PA building, near the White and Blue halls, there are pulpits provided for unannounced and announced statements of officials. The journalists can use them to record statements before, during or after certain event, and reinforced lighting makes these areas suitably for work of cameramen and photo reporters.


House rules

By entering in the building of PA BiH, journalists undertake obligation to behave in the building in a way that their presence does not interfere working process in parliamentary working bodies, as well as work of the civil servants who serve them.

Security officers of Services for Common affairs of the Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina are responsible for respecting house rules, dress code, and for the monitoring of the circulation of guests within the building of PA BiH. On the basis of their own assessment, as well as at the request of the official who preside meetings of working bodies, security officers have right to exclude persons temporarily or permanently from the building of PA, when they consider that houses rules are violated and when they interfere normal work.

Some laws and decisions relevant to the work of journalists who report from the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH:

  • Press Conduct
  • Broadcasting Code of Practice for Radio and Television Programme
  • Law on Protection Against Defamation of Federation of BiH  
  • Law on Protection Against Defamation of Republika Srpska  

Bodies in Bosnia and Herzegovina that regulate and self-regulate the media, respectively:

  • Communications Regulatory Agency
  • Press Council

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